Stuart Browne:

I have worked in special effects and mould making industry for almost 20 years.

and within this time I  noticed that nearly all my colleagues including myself cobbled together all sorts of tools to do a specific jobs and to make life a bit easier moulding workshop.

So seeing that there seemed to be a bit of a gap in the market i decided to build a few products on a small scale to see if anybody would be interested, the first being the Pro-Clay Cutter and to my surprise the first four all sold instantly so I built another 20 and the same happened to that batch that was 18 months ago I am now selling the Pro-Clay Cutter to some of the best mould makers in the film industry all over the world, the design has been modified and tweaked to become possibly the best clay cutter available on the market.

Also available very soon are a number of other tools that I am currently working on that nearly all of my colleagues and myself find are indispensable in the workshop and would find it difficult to work without.

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